Monday, January 24, 2011

Because ... I have an odd sense of humor

So I was talking to another mom awhile ago, and she said how she would like to have a glass of wine when she was over 38 weeks into her pregnancy.  All the developmental stuff was done, and it wouldn't really cause any harm.

I thought this was a brilliant idea.  So I told the hubby that at 38 weeks we should go out and he could order me a Bellini (they frown on pregos ordering drinks). And I enjoy my blissful little drink. 

But chances are that after 9 months of not drinking, it would probably get me a little tipsy.  Then I thought "what if I go into labor that night".  Good luck explaining to the hospital that it was just one drink in my whole pregnancy, and that I am not some raging alcoholic.

I swear ... the things I think of.


  1. This is where home-birthing hippies have the advantage. They can get as drunk as they want with "The Man" looking down on them, or threatening to take away their babies.