Thursday, November 4, 2010

Because ... watching tv on the computer kills time

So, if you don't already know, I have some time to kill everyday.  I can only surf the web for so long before I run out of things to read, so I have stumbled into the land of watching tv on the computer to kill time.

One of the challenges is that the main US channels will not allow you to watch in Canada.  But there are many Canadian TV stations that host these shows, and thus have them on their websites.  Here are some of the links that I use:

The first three are pretty obvious, but they work.  And while CityTV and Global don't put the shows up very quickly, CTV does a really good job.

The last site, surfthechannel, is a website that allows you to find the show you want to watch and links to places where you can watch it.  The ones that you can only watch in US have little US flags beside them, so it makes it pretty easy.  Mostly it links to MegaVideo, which is a solid site.  The only down side is that after 90 minutes of watching, it makes you take a break of 70 minutes, unless you want to join their site and pay a subscription fee.

So now you know all my tricks.  If you have any, pass them on.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Because ... I am reverting back to a teenager

Why is it that when ever you have a bad haircut, you feel like that awkward teenager in jr high that didn't want to leave the house unless your hair was perfect.  I remember having crying fits about my hair not being perfect.  My poor parents.  I was never crazy enough to stay home, but I am sure that some days it was a close call as to which way it would go.

Today, I have already resorted to going home during coffee break this morning (I live 5 mins away), and trying to fix it.  I pulled out gel, the scissors, and the curing iron.  I don't know what makes me think I can cut my hair better than my hairdresser, but I try to "fix" problem areas none the less.

I am sure no one even notices that something is wrong, let alone that I got a haircut.  But yet I revert back to the 14 yr old trying to get the one peice of hair perfect before I left the house.

Is there anyone else out there that is just tempted to get a brush cut somedays?  (Boys don't count ... it is culturally acceptable for them)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Because ... I have nothing really to say

So I haven't blogged in close to a week now.  No real reason, just nothing much to say.

Just busy with work (audit is going right now), the house (finished the plumbing project with no leaks, and starting on organizing the garage/basement) and life in general (the baby ... enough said).

I am just plugging along, trying to enjoy whats left of the summer, and get ready for winter.  I guess in that regard, I feel a little like the ant from the fabble of the ant and the grasshopper.  You know the one ... where the ant works hard all summer and is good for the winter, but the grasshopper plays and is not ready for winter.

I've always been an ant.  I like to be prepared for anything.  Proof is in the pantry, and the bank account.  I like having essentials in the pantry for when I want to make something, and I need a little nestegg in the bank account in case anything needs to get fixed/bought. 

The ant's life isn't always as exciting as the grasshopper's, but it sure is nice to be ready for the uncertainness that life can sometimes bring.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Because ... I am not proud

So the truck is in the shop (nothing too exciting though .. just work that needed to be done related to buying it used).

So instead of renting a vehicle for James to use, I gave him our car to use, and I am driving my mom's old truck.

As you can see, it is gem of a vehicle.  It has 3 speed on the floor, an AM only radio, and no AC.  But it starts reliably, and can get me from home to work and back again.

And I am not too proud to drive it.  Some people are worried about their image.  And I admit that I get caught up in it too (I like the things I own to look nice and be in good repair).  And the comments from the people I work with it are interesting when I pull into work ... "I see you have upgraded" ... "Did you loose a bet" ... "Not a good sign when the accountant is having financial concerns"... etc

But despite its short comings, and the comments from others, I like driving it.  When I said that it is my mom's old truck, I should have said that it is my dad's old truck, but he passed last year, so it is now my mom's.  It is still filled with his stuff: glasses, wrenches, tools.  And it is still set to his radio station. 

While the truck didn't usually boad well for me as a kid (usually off to do some manual work with dad), it is nice now to have those memories, and spend a little time thinking of dad each day.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Because ... My jerk husband hijacked my blogger

HAHAHAHAH I is all up in yer internets!  Uh.. okay, the novelty's worn off now.  What can I say.  how about "swiss chard" and "falaffel"  the end

Monday, August 9, 2010

Because ... I live for the weekend

So I have lost the blogging challenge.  I am told that I outlasted Kelly and Vlad, so I take solace in that.

But it is really because I live for my weekend.  I keep busy, and like to be outside.  And the idea of sitting down and blogging just doesn't appeal to me on the weekend.

Why does it appeal to me on the weekdays?  Well, because I am super unbusy at work.  I have tonnes of time to kill, and blogging takes up some of that time.

So I get through my boring week, looking forward to the weekend where I can do what I want and be busy as I like.

My husband on the other hand sees it differently.  He is busy all week with the "monster" (our 19 month old baby, who can scale up the side of just about anything), and looks forward to the weekend where he is not parenting by himself.  (Here is a picture of the "monster" in his glory.  And yes ... that is a purple bracelet on his arm.)

So ... what is worse?  Having 5 days of boredom looking forward to the weekend?  Or having 5 days of excitement, looking forward to a relaxing weekend?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Because ... I am locationally challenged

So like me, you are probably signed up on facebook to a ton of sites that offer great deals on various items.  What ... you aren't?  Well, let me tell you how it works.  You sign up for these sites, and they say "hey check this out ... it a super deal".  And you think "Yes ... It is a super deal!"

So you click on it, only to find out that is for US residents only.  They don't ship to Canada.  In fact, they barely even know it exists (demonstrated through the inability to put your province in as a "state")

This super deal, that you are now dying to get because you can't, has you trying to find it elsewhere.  And now you realize that there is no where in Canada that you can buy it.

So what is a girl to do?  Move to the US?  I think not.  Beside having amazing websites that actually ship to you, tv you can actually watch on the computer, weather that is reasonable, artists/shows that actually come to you (instead of you driving half way across the country to see them) ... what do they really have?  OK ... so they have a few good points in their favor that are really enticing.

So I just need to move to the US, but enjoy the Canadian government.  Any ideas where I can find a Lloydminister of the US/Canada? 

This is the only solution that I can come up with ... other than of course living with out the "super deal" ... but who can't use more baby cots???

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Because ... I want to lay pipe

I think I am fairly capable.  I put in our dishwasher.  I put in a water line to the fridge.  I have installed ceiling fans, and replaced plug ins.  I may even still remember how to wire a phone into a house (long story there ... involves going to Dawsons Creek (not the TV show)).

But yet, I want to be able to do more.  I want to be able to install hardwood.  I want to be able to run a new power line from the circuit breaker.  I want to do all the things that I have to pay people to do.

I know that if I take the time I can learn how to do these things.  But the fear of getting electrocuted (circuit breaker) and having a mangled floor (installing hardwood) prevents me.  I want to live and for things to look nice.

This all came about because I am trying to install a garbage disposal in our house.  I have given up on running a new electrical line to it (fear of being electrocuted), and have settled into installing the model, and doing the plumbing.  So this is where it ties into laying pipe.  I have been working on it for 2 nights now after the baby goes to bed.  So that gives me exactly 1.5 hrs to determine what I can get at Rona before they close.  Just to get home and realize that the plans that I made won't work, and I need to go to Rona again.

It won't be pretty, so don't look under our sink, but I am hoping to get it done tonight.  And hopefully my pipe laying days will be done ... for now.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Because ... child labor is awesome

I know.  Child labor is wrong.  When children are working to make pretty shoes or bags, and not going to school, it is wrong and should be stopped.

But ... children working is good.  I picked up a lot of terrible traits from my dad (too many to mention), but one of the good traits is the value of working.  I love projects.  I love working on something and being able to say afterward that I did that.  I also love saving money from doing it myself.  And there is a lot to be said for being able to work with someone to accomplish something.  I know how to work with my mom and brother, because there were things that needed to get done, and we needed to know how to get them done together.

I was reminded of this yesterday when Nathan and I washed the car.  He had his own sponge, and he would swish the water around, splash himself, splash me, and then rub the car.  So he really did not accomplish much. But he did work with me, and we started the habit of working on projects together.  And one day he may even wash the car himself ... I am sure that will coincide with when he wants to drive it ;)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Because ... why not?

So ... everyone is joining the blog.  And they have are having a little blogging challenge.  So, why don't I have one???

Not enough time?  That is definately not the case.  So bored at work.  Can definately find the time.
Don't have anything to say?  Generally true.  But I am hopeful that what I do say won't suck.
Hate joining in?  Not really.  Just hate joining once the excitement has passed.
Dislike challenges?  Anyone who knows me, knows that isn't true.

So hear I go.  Hopefully will be able to do the blog a day ... but really I think it is awesome that I even joined.