Thursday, August 5, 2010

Because ... I want to lay pipe

I think I am fairly capable.  I put in our dishwasher.  I put in a water line to the fridge.  I have installed ceiling fans, and replaced plug ins.  I may even still remember how to wire a phone into a house (long story there ... involves going to Dawsons Creek (not the TV show)).

But yet, I want to be able to do more.  I want to be able to install hardwood.  I want to be able to run a new power line from the circuit breaker.  I want to do all the things that I have to pay people to do.

I know that if I take the time I can learn how to do these things.  But the fear of getting electrocuted (circuit breaker) and having a mangled floor (installing hardwood) prevents me.  I want to live and for things to look nice.

This all came about because I am trying to install a garbage disposal in our house.  I have given up on running a new electrical line to it (fear of being electrocuted), and have settled into installing the model, and doing the plumbing.  So this is where it ties into laying pipe.  I have been working on it for 2 nights now after the baby goes to bed.  So that gives me exactly 1.5 hrs to determine what I can get at Rona before they close.  Just to get home and realize that the plans that I made won't work, and I need to go to Rona again.

It won't be pretty, so don't look under our sink, but I am hoping to get it done tonight.  And hopefully my pipe laying days will be done ... for now.


  1. You go girl...that is some mad skills you have. I like the concept of electrical as in wiring a room in shop class, but I too have a fear of zappage. Chad and I did do our bedroom hardwood and its really not hard if you get started right and prepare and get the right tools.

    I would not have a clue where to begin with a garbage disposal, good luck on your project!

  2. I got to install our disposal in Leduc, and then re-do it all when we installed new cabinets and a new sink, plus there was some re-piping to do in Chicago. It can be a bit tricky making sure you have the right adapters, traps, run, drops and elbows. My seasoned advice would be to buy one run of the flexible adapter tubing (more expensive, but worth it) as this gives you a bit of wiggle room once all the other pieces are fused together to make a good fit.

    As far as the electrical is concerned, you could totally do that. It is more forgiving than plumbing as it works or doesn't, there's no leaky middle ground. I think you could get away with not even needing a new breaker, you could just piggy back onto the connection running into the outlet on the island behind the sink (if I remember correctly). Just make sure that the breaker for that outlet is off and you should be good to go.

  3. I'm scared to touch any electrical in the house I'm currently in. The house is wired really weirdly and breakers seem to be randomly attached to parts of the house. I think the master bedroom has 3 breakers that effect it. Plus the fan in the master bedroom has gremlins. I've had to replace the remote thingy inside the fan 3 times now, and it randomly turns on or off. This house is weird.

  4. I'll take over laying the pipe from now on ;)

    But seriously, you're doing an awesome job. I'm quite excited to have a garbage disposal. And starting today I even have working sinks again! YES! You rock and you've saved us bucket loads of money over the years