Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Because ... I am not proud

So the truck is in the shop (nothing too exciting though .. just work that needed to be done related to buying it used).

So instead of renting a vehicle for James to use, I gave him our car to use, and I am driving my mom's old truck.

As you can see, it is gem of a vehicle.  It has 3 speed on the floor, an AM only radio, and no AC.  But it starts reliably, and can get me from home to work and back again.

And I am not too proud to drive it.  Some people are worried about their image.  And I admit that I get caught up in it too (I like the things I own to look nice and be in good repair).  And the comments from the people I work with it are interesting when I pull into work ... "I see you have upgraded" ... "Did you loose a bet" ... "Not a good sign when the accountant is having financial concerns"... etc

But despite its short comings, and the comments from others, I like driving it.  When I said that it is my mom's old truck, I should have said that it is my dad's old truck, but he passed last year, so it is now my mom's.  It is still filled with his stuff: glasses, wrenches, tools.  And it is still set to his radio station. 

While the truck didn't usually boad well for me as a kid (usually off to do some manual work with dad), it is nice now to have those memories, and spend a little time thinking of dad each day.

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  1. Lol, you should put your personal plate on it and then see the reactions!

    The last time I was in my dads green version of that truck, another guy in a POS (piece of shit) truck gave me the nod...the one people give each other when they both have the same vehicle nod. Was awesome.