Monday, August 23, 2010

Because ... I am reverting back to a teenager

Why is it that when ever you have a bad haircut, you feel like that awkward teenager in jr high that didn't want to leave the house unless your hair was perfect.  I remember having crying fits about my hair not being perfect.  My poor parents.  I was never crazy enough to stay home, but I am sure that some days it was a close call as to which way it would go.

Today, I have already resorted to going home during coffee break this morning (I live 5 mins away), and trying to fix it.  I pulled out gel, the scissors, and the curing iron.  I don't know what makes me think I can cut my hair better than my hairdresser, but I try to "fix" problem areas none the less.

I am sure no one even notices that something is wrong, let alone that I got a haircut.  But yet I revert back to the 14 yr old trying to get the one peice of hair perfect before I left the house.

Is there anyone else out there that is just tempted to get a brush cut somedays?  (Boys don't count ... it is culturally acceptable for them)


  1. I can honestly say I never want to get a brush cut. I am pretty sure I look better with hair. I have had crazy cuts or colors that I have wanted to jam out showing up at work because a big bout of insecurity set in. But, luckily it grows back and life goes on.

    Did you get a different style this time or is it just too short for your liking?

  2. I've wanted to shave off all my hair on more than one occasion. I had super short boy-hair in high school and sometimes I miss it.

    Here's hoping that your hair behaves better tomorrow!!