Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Because ... why not?

So ... everyone is joining the blog.  And they have are having a little blogging challenge.  So, why don't I have one???

Not enough time?  That is definately not the case.  So bored at work.  Can definately find the time.
Don't have anything to say?  Generally true.  But I am hopeful that what I do say won't suck.
Hate joining in?  Not really.  Just hate joining once the excitement has passed.
Dislike challenges?  Anyone who knows me, knows that isn't true.

So hear I go.  Hopefully will be able to do the blog a day ... but really I think it is awesome that I even joined.


  1. I think its awesome too :) welcome to the bloging world!

  2. Welcome to the challenge, enjoy the awesome points. Remember to use them wisely.

  3. I think you're awesome too

  4. Good lord! Next thing you'll tell me is that Vlad actually posted something on 'his' blog...what the...WOAH.

    The sky is falling. Congrats Janine, you've helped bring about the apocalypse. :)

  5. Hey there J9, look forward to reading your blogs. Welcome to the challenge!

  6. Wow, you should get some awesome points for sure! Welcome welcome.

  7. Welcome to our challenge and blogging in general.