Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Because ... I have nothing really to say

So I haven't blogged in close to a week now.  No real reason, just nothing much to say.

Just busy with work (audit is going right now), the house (finished the plumbing project with no leaks, and starting on organizing the garage/basement) and life in general (the baby ... enough said).

I am just plugging along, trying to enjoy whats left of the summer, and get ready for winter.  I guess in that regard, I feel a little like the ant from the fabble of the ant and the grasshopper.  You know the one ... where the ant works hard all summer and is good for the winter, but the grasshopper plays and is not ready for winter.

I've always been an ant.  I like to be prepared for anything.  Proof is in the pantry, and the bank account.  I like having essentials in the pantry for when I want to make something, and I need a little nestegg in the bank account in case anything needs to get fixed/bought. 

The ant's life isn't always as exciting as the grasshopper's, but it sure is nice to be ready for the uncertainness that life can sometimes bring.


  1. You are an awesome ant. I think i have ant like tendencies as well. Some times I wish I could be as carefree as the grasshopper but its just not in me. Is your new garberator all working now?

  2. The garberator works great. I had to re-plumb all the guts of the sink. Nothing like getting high off of plumbing glue. And the electrician got it all done, so it has been working for a week now.

  3. Nothing wrong with being prepared. I think finding that balance of fun and preparedness is a hard thing to find. You seem to do it pretty well Janine :)

  4. C'mon, stop working so hard. Let's go hop in the grass and play violins!!!